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Medford Radiatior used to be a great place, then Zack bought it and he is a crook. I am on my 3rd radiatior in three years and he does not care at all. He just relaced this radiatior for the three time last week and told my wife to come pic up the car after hours. When she drove the car home it would not shift correctly. I called Zack and he said the trasmission fluid my be low, so I checked it. No fluid showed up on the dip stick. I called him and asked why he would let a car leave his shop with no transmission fluied, he said you always loose some when changing the radiatior and it is not his job to top it back off. I told him that he lost more then a little, he said "what do you want me to do about it?" I will never use this place again, Zack is a ripoff and does not know what he is doing!! Randy Wells, Medford, Oreogn

Randy Wells Avatar Randy Wells
September 22, 2012

my grandpa had the replace his radiator re here about a month ago, on the way home the belt shredded in his truck and ripped all the transmission lines out we have determined that the cause of the problem was the pulley not being put back correctly by the radiator shop we have since replaced the water pump and the truck still does this. Update 5 months later in the truck is still not fixed we cannot figure out what this radiator shop did to our truck if you want to running vehicle do not go here

Oden Mcboden Avatar Oden Mcboden
October 22, 2022

Grate service

chris kelton Avatar chris kelton
September 22, 2017

Medford Radiator Service and Repair is a locally owned family business serving the Rogue Valley and Southern Oregon from our current location for over 20 years.

Our goal is to offer quality products and services at reasonable prices. The Medford Radiator team can provide you with solutions to your cooling system problems by getting you the products and services you need.

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We serve the counties of Jackson, Josephine, Douglas, Klamath, and Siskiyou.

Automotive Cooling System Repairs

Automotive Cooling System Repairs

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“You guys are great. We were stuck in Medford on our road trip from Canada to Mexico and you got us in right away and back on the road. I will love you forever!” — Sam R.

What Our Customers Are Saying