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Small business great customer service

Kevin Crook Avatar Kevin Crook
September 22, 2022

Had years of the best of service @ Medford radiator. When I leave the cap on a radiator that I've dropped to be repaired, that means I'd like that cap tested "professionally". When it comes back without the cap, that means the old cap was tested and "failed testing" it is "junk" that leaves me to purchase it wherever I prefer to get it. Medford Radiator has great pricing and still costs me less to purchase it from them Than I pay with my wholesale discount thru my Parts store. This most recent radiator I dropped off for repair with the cap, came back with a new & slightly different cap as I had over looked that the old cap was not the proper poundage for that application and he caught my mistake and provided a new cap that was the correct application for the vehicle. As many of the local truck & auto repair businesses in Medford "THEY KNOW THIER BUSINESS! & TAKE CARE OF THIER CUSTOMERS!

Matt Avatar Matt
August 22, 2023

Knowledgable staff, good prices, prompt delivery

Darise Rogers Avatar Darise Rogers
June 27, 2020

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What Our Customers Are Saying

What Our Customers Are Saying

I have bought three radiators so far from these guys of over the course of several years. The last one I bought was for my 99 jeep. after searching around these guys were the only ones who stocked a two core radiator and wow what a difference it made. We had some body work done by a local body shop several years ago and have always had trouble with cheap radiator the put in. Our Jeep was overheating in the summer and had trouble getting warm in the winter. turns out it was the wrong radiator. Thank you Medford Radiator we would recommend you to our friends. – Another happy customer