Whatever your cooling system needs are, Medford Radiator has you covered.

Radiator auto cooling system repairs

  • Belts
  • Hoses
  • Thermostats
  • Water pumps
  • Intake manifold gaskets
  • Freeze plugs
  • And more…

Also available are charge air coolers, ac condensers, replacement fuel tanks, fuel tank cleaning and lining, and other cooling system parts.

What Our Customers Are Saying

What Our Customers Are Saying

OMG. This was perhaps the best auto repair experience I have ever had. My 1969 firebird had experienced some issues with the cooling system. I called Medford Radiator Services on Monday and asked if they could work on my vehicle. They said yes and I brought them the vehicle on Monday, late afternoon. I told them I needed the vehicle back by close of business on Thursday so I could get it ready for the Crescent City Sea Cruise car show. They said it would be no problem. Lisa was very reassuring. I spoke with Lisa on Tuesday and she mentioned that they had performed a pressure check on the system and it checked out okay, however she believed I would be best served if I got a new radiator since the current radiator appeared to be the original and was in desperate need of replacement. Since I have had previous issues with overheating a few years ago, I gave Lisa the go ahead to swap out my old radiator for a new one. On Wednesday, I stopped in to check on the progress of the radiator swap. Lisa mentioned that they had shipped the wrong radiator, but the correct one was on its way. Lisa again reassured me it would be ready by Thursday. I picked up my vehicle on Thursday as promised. The new radiator had been installed, new hoses included and the work was flawless. My appreciation goes out to Lisa, and the staff or Medford Radiator Services. Both employees I dealt with were very professional and knowledgeable. Thanks for all you did for us. – Robert K