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Looking for expert Cave Junction radiator service?

Medford Radiator has provided quality service at affordable prices to our customers for over 16 years, providing solutions to every radiator and cooling system need. Our goal is outstanding customer service every time!

Medford Radiator performs diagnostics, testing, and repair services for both retail and business customers in Cave Junction. Whether it be for Automotive, Commercial, or Industrial applications, we can clean and install radiators, charge air coolers, oil coolers, or fuel tanks.

Your One-Stop-Shop for Radiator and Coolant Services

If you are needing radiator repair, radiator re-cores, and radiator replacements, our highly skilled team of technicians can help. We install replacement radiators in copper and brass, and all-aluminum or aluminum with plastic tanks.

We also provide services for repair or installation of charge air coolers, AC condensers, and other cooling system parts, including belts, hoses, thermostats, water pumps, intake manifold gaskets, freeze plugs, and more.

Medford Radiator recommends to our Cave Junction customers regular maintenance flushes, cooling system diagnostics and repairs. A coolant flush approximately every 40,000 miles helps avoid any clogs or corrosion damage to your radiator. If your vehicle is due for a cooling system service, or if you’ve noticed any overheating or coolant leaks, schedule a maintenance service with Medford Radiator today.

Industrial Radiator Repair in Cave Junction

If you are in need of industrial services, Medford Radiator offers replacement of fuel tanks as well as fuel tank cleaning and lining. We can keep your radiator and cooling system in top shape with on-site repairs, re-cores, testing, and cleaning. We also offer replacement radiators, charge air coolers and hydraulic oil coolers for construction, farming, logging and mining equipment. Installation and removal services are included.

If you are in Cave Junction, we are happy to provide pick-up and drop-off services for your convenience. Or come by our Medford location to receive a courtesy inspection. Our shop is open Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM. Contact us today for a free estimate or appointment at 541-772-0816.

For expert radiator, repair, replacements, and installations in Cave Junction, Medford Radiator is your best choice!

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